Business Challenges

Our client, a wine importer and agent for a wide range of wines, were running on a Windows 2008 SBS server. Most of their staff were based in the Head Office in Reading, with a number of sales representatives that worked remotely up and down the UK. The office was often blighted by periods of unreliable power and telecoms in the area. During any outage all office staff and remote sales representatives were unable to access emails or data. Our client was considering the use of power generators and lease line options to resolve the issue when they came to us to for a further review of the options available.

The Solution

The cheapest and easiest solution was to move this customer to a cloud based infrastructure. The best provider for their requirements was the Office 365 platform, which virtually eliminated down time for the companies staff. Sales representatives were no longer affected by issues with the telecoms or power at Head Office.  Office staff could access emails from mobile devices during any disruption and where issues became more complicated the staff were able to remotely work from home or from any WIFI hot spot.

We managed the complete migration from our clients Windows 2008 SBS server to their new Office 365 service, this included the transfer email accounts and data migration. We also provided staff training and looked at improving working practices through use of the Office 365 suite.

Goal Achieved:

The solution we provided was much cheaper then installing a lease line and power generators, not only did this solution save them the thousands of pounds a generator could cost but it also reduced their IT costs as there was no need for expensive server replacements. The use of SharePoint and OneDrive simplified their user management processes as they no longer required remote staff to be configured with VPNs to access files shares.

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